General Conditions

Submitted by EUM on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 00:15

Inception of Risk and cover

  • Quote must be done on all schemes. 
  • Cover with EUM and the selected Insurer will start, once quote was accepted, contract signed and inception premium paid.
  • Waiting period will be waived for all existing members were existing underwriting is in place.  Proof must be provided on quote stage.
  • Waiting periods for new members according to plan and cover selected.
  • No waiting period for unnatural causes of death, provided that the inception premium was paid.
  • 24 month waiting period for suicide
  • Cover will be paid in line with cover selected.  The onus lies on the client to ensure that all members are covered and cover selected is correct.
  • Cover is available to all South Africans, or non-South Africans legally residing in South Africa. (For more information on our non-South African benefits contact our office)
  • Restriction to claims due to death resulting in active participation in illigal activity.  
  • Cover for all members is limited to R30 000 per policy / benefit.

Payment of premiums

  • Premiums are payable monthly before the 20th of the month for the month.
  • No premium, no cover.
  • Premiums are payable via electronic transfer or debit order via our retail collection methods to EUM's premium account.

Monthly administration

  • Monthly additions, deletions and amendments must be forwarded to EUM’s office via email or fax before the 7th of the month for the month.
  • Premium reconciliation on premiums collected via EUM's debit order facilities or retail payments.
  • Compliance assistance with regard to compliance requirements if the FAIS act and FAIS general code of conduct.
  • Members who make us of our Software must do changes before the 12th of the month for the month.
  • EUM will assist schemes with their member communication, including premium sms’s to policy holders reminding them to pay their premiums to the funeral home / broker or friendly society.
  • Participation certificates to new schemes and members.
  • The scheme should reconcile the membership data on a monthly basis to ensure that members are covered correctly.


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